Tengard SFR 36.8% Permethrin Insecticide

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Tengard SFR 36.8% Permethrin for effective broad label control of over 100 insects.

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Tengard SFR Permethrin Insecticide containing the active ingredient Permethrin 36.8% provides fast, effective, long lasting bark beetle control. Tengard controls over 75 different types of pests both indoors and outdoors.

Tengard SFR is professional grade, low-odor product. More homes are treated with Tengard SFR ® by professional pest management companies than any other product.One Qt. makes from 20 to 50 gallons of finished solution. This is a generic version of dragnet if you look Tengard is Dragnet spelled backwards.

  • Manufacturer:
    United Phosphorus Inc.   
  • Individual Size:
    1 Qt. and 1.25 Gallon  
  • Active Ingredient: 
    Permethrin 36.8%
  • EPA Signal Word:
  • Application Methods:
    Foliar Spray

Tengard SFR ® is a Permethrin based product that acts as an insecticidal barrier against a broad range of bark beetles including Mountain pine, Ips, Douglas-fir and Spruce and additionally, insects such as ants, bees, fleas, aphids, beetles, ticks, roaches, and chiggers. (1 quart bottle makes 20 to 50 gallons of finished solution)

Tengard SFR ® is a broad label insecticide as well as a very effective termiticide, for use on ornamental trees, in and around homes, on lawns and shrubs.

Tengard SFR ® is professional grade, low-odor product that is labeled to include everything from pre- and post-construction termite treatment, indoor and outdoor pest control, and turf and ornamental applications.(for other specific solution mixing instructions please refer to product label)

Tengard SFR ® is safe for children and pets when used as labeled. Areas treated as labeled are safe to return to after area is completely dry. Product should not be sprayed or applied directly to animals, feed, or drinking bowls. Tengard SFR ® is considered safe for carpeting, furniture and flooring when used as directed on the label instructions.

Tengard SFR ® may be used to control pests inside and outside of homes and buildings, lawns, shrubs, bushes, ornamentals, outside surfaces of buildings, post-construction (termites), pre-construction (termites)

May be applied inside homes and businesses on most nonfood areas, carpeting, pet beds, upholstered furniture, basements, attics, crawlspaces, wall voids, cracks and crevices around sinks and appliances and flooring. For outdoors on siding, wood, grass, bushes, shrubs, ornamentals.

Tengard SFR ® is pet safe when dry and used as directed on the label instructions. (Please read instructions and use caution when using around all aquatic life)


  • Bark Beetles: for Mountain pine, Ips, Douglas-fir and Spruce beetles, use 2 to 5 quarts per 100 gallons.
  • Indoor Treatments: for fleas, roaches, ticks, ants and other indoor pests, only 1 to 1.6 ounces is needed per gallon.
  • Outdoor treatments: for fleas, ticks, ants, mole crickets, chinch bugs and other insects, 1 ounce will treat 1000 square feet of lawn.


  Read Label FirstTengard SFR Termiticide and Insecticide - Label Tengard Label 
  Tengard SFR Termiticide and Insecticide - MSDS
Tengard MSDS

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1 Qt.

Tengard SFR 36.8% Permethrin Insecticide 1 Qt.

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1.25 gal

Tengard SFR Insecticide 1.25 gal.

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Manufacturer: United Phosphorus Inc.

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