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CoreTect tablets contain the world's #1 tree and shrub insecticide plus fertilizer, so they protect and nourish.

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CoreTect Imidacloprid Tree and Shrub Tablets contain the active ingredient found in Merit, the world’s No. 1 tree and shrub insecticide, plus fertilizer. This product can be used when planting, or on established plants for controlled-release and long-residual systemic insect control. The tablets’ health-promoting properties also make plants stronger, healthier and more resistant to environmental stress.

Up to two years of powerful systemic insect control – plus health benefits

  • Simple application – put the tablet into the soil and go
  • For use on new and established residential and commercial ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Provides outstanding residual control of 16 leading pests
  • Controlled release ensures active ingredient is available over a long duration of time
  • Each tablet contains a 12-9-4 fertilizer plus micronutrients that deliver valuable nourishment over time
  • Manufacturer:
    Bayer Environmental Science 
  • Individual Size:
    250 - 2.5-gram tablets/Bottle 
  • Active Ingredient: 
  • EPA Signal Word:
  • Application Methods:
    Subsurface application

CoreTect Tree and Shrub Tablet Insecticide, Avoid losing transplanted trees and costly call backs with CoreTect. New CoreTect tablets contain the world's #1 tree and shrub insecticide Imidacloprid plus fertilizer, so they protect and nourish.

Used during planting or on established plants, CoreTect provides extended insect control through its controlled release technology. Once inside, CoreTect's systemic action makes plants stronger and more resistant to environmental stressors like heat, drought, and poor soil conditions.

Here's what CoreTect offers you:

  • 2.5-gram tablets with 20% active ingredient plus fertilizer;
  • Systemic action with same ingredient as Merit;
  • Slow release for extended insect control;
  • Active ingredient causes plants to better tolerate environmental stress such as heat, drought and poor soil conditions;
  • Great for newly planted trees and shrubs or on existing landscapes;
  • Convenient and easy-to-use packaging: 250 tablets per bottle, 4 bottles per case.

Pests controlled
Adelgids, aphids, Japanese beetles (adults), flatheaded borers, lace bugs, leaf beetles, leafminers, leafhoppers, mealybugs, pine tip moth larvae, psyllids, roundheaded borers, royal palm bugs, sawfly larvae, soft scales, whiteflies

Please see the product label for a full list of pests.

Read Label First     CoreTect - Label CoreTect Label 
     CoreTect - MSDS CoreTect MSDS

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2.5 gr x 250 Tablet Bottle

CoreTect Imidacloprid Tablets 2.5 gr x 250 Tablet Bottle

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